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"We also like the fact that John comes across and is a very trustworthy person. I don’t think you could ask for a better consultant.”
Customer Feedback
“In the thick of developing and expanding a business it is easy to procrastinate setting up viable organizational tools to ensure a smoothly operating organization. John has taught me that if I had had many of these in place much earlier I could have saved a lot of stress, time, and money."
Analysis of Business
Owners often are interested in regularly discussing business issues or having their financial statements actively reviewed by a third party. Such a review provides objective insight into business activities at a level not usually available locally. We are not interested in taking the place of local advisors such as bankers, accountants, tax consultants, insurance agents, or other local advisors.  Our reviews provide objective third party opinion in a depth and in broader areas of business experience than what can usually be provided by most local resources.   We work with the client's personally selected advisors.  
A client can pick a desired level of active support after completing a consulting engagement.  These services ensure that clients continue to get value from their project.  Clients often comment, “I want you to act like my Board of Directors”. The three levels are:

Monitoring Level 1 –  A quarterly maintenance and monitoring program for the review of a client’s financial statements with specific suggestions for improvement.

Monitoring and Mentoring Level 2 – Annual budget preparation assistance combined with quarterly oversight to help ensure the achievement of results.  This support includes off-site or on-site* help with the preparation of the client’s annual budget.  Financial statement and budget variance monitoring services are included.

Monitoring, Mentoring, and Consulting Level 3 – This level provides more support than the first two levels with the addition of 40 hours of consulting which can be provided either on-site* or off-site.  The additional consulting time can be used for reviewing pricing, updating the strategic business plans, updating position descriptions, covering new issues, and so forth. This level is intended for clients who are experiencing significant growth or change.
* charges for services provided on site will include customary hotel and travel expenses.
Note: Clients are encouraged to call to keep touch and to ask questions about previously installed systems.  Business Mentors provides free support for consulting work done by reviewing topics and elements of previously completed projects with clients on the phone or via e-mail at No Charge.    Our website also provides free educational material.  Clients should use the installed tools to get continued value from them!
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