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Business owners are constantly barraged by calls to promote consulting services.
     Business owners are constantly barraged by calls to promote consulting services.
     However, not all owners need consulting services and not all owners need the services promoted by the various layers of sales people contacting them.
     Owners are rarely taught how to run their businesses and generally most learn 'on-the-fly'.  Many got started as technicians. But in order to grow their businesses and be successful they must learn how to be effective managers and sales people. If they don't learn these skills, the business will not prosper or will become difficult to manage. The owner continues to make all decisions concerning operations, yet still has to find time to make sales.  Eventually the organization gets to the size and complexity that it cannot be managed by one person.  At that point in time the business runs the owner, not the other way around.
     The transition from start-up to a professionally managed business is easier and faster if you have a guide or mentor to help lead the way.  Money can be lost by postponing this assistance. Common advisors, like accountants, lawyers, bankers, etc., are helpful when dealing with specific issues in their areas of expertise, but rarely can provide a complete road map and guidance on how to get the business to where the owner wants it to be.  A mentor is often necessary to help put the pieces together and to train the owner about effectively using business concepts and systems.  In this way, profits can be planned, achieved, and owners can be in control of their businesses and lives.  The sooner this transition occurs the better, as profits can be lost by waiting and the frustration for the owner and employees will continue.
    Business Mentors LLC provides ethical consulting and training, specific to the needs of each business, for owners to reach the next professional level.  Our emphasis is on training the owner and employees about how to effectively run the business.  This includes learning to profitably manage their organizations so that profits are planned and employees can share in the business' success.
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"When you hear something, you forget it. When you see something, you remember it. But not until you do something will you understand it."
-- Chinese Proverb
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